Idle Defense : Dark Forest Mod Apk

Idle Defense : Dark Forest Mod Apk
Idle Defense : Dark Forest Mod Apk Because of a grave mistake, the apprentice magicians burned down half of the witch's school. Nobody can forgive this big mistake. He was expelled from school and returned home.

Misfortune never comes alone. The amethyst stone from an ancestral seal was smashed to pieces, and monsters came swarming from sealstone. The whole world descends into chaos. Hid's father left him alone with only one copy called "Tower Technique." Not paper for my tears? ", he thought.

Even though he burned down the school accidentally, he was very confident in his spell. To protect the village muggles, to save his beautiful house and to maintain world peace, he stood up and began to deploy the defense of the dark forest.

[Idle Tower Defense gameplay]
Build various types of combat towers and use the superiority of terrain to defeat the enemy. Various defense towers help you pass levels easily with strategy. Standby mode is available! Congratulations on the tower!

[Call Ancient Satan as Assistant]
Use crystals to summon ancient devils. Various forms of demons give you battle efficiency. After you are defeated, call the ancient devil as your assistant. There is no possibility of losing this battle.

[Time Reversal Magic]
Use time reversing magic to return to the first level, get more resources to improve yourself. Remain true to the mission and occasionally return to the village. Excuse me? Only to claim gold and material? Of course not. Fight for your house!

A lot of gold coins and diamonds
Unlock the VIP
Get a free Google after completing the novice tutorial.

Idle Defense : Dark Forest Mod Apk

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