Idle Car Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash/Diamonds)

Idle Car Factory Mod Apk
Idle Car Factory Mod Apk Face the challenges of running and managing a car factory.
Determine who will be rented, which buildings will be upgraded and what cars will be produced.

Compete with other players and go up in one of the many ranks.
Join one company that brings players together or prove yourself a president and build your own successful company!

Country vs country:
The competition does not end here - all active players take part in fan fights which are held once a week.
Get fans actively to contribute to your country's victory!

Grow your factory by building and upgrading work stations, recruiting employees, and reducing the cost of making auto parts.
You decide whether to sell faster cars at lower prices or get the best price by waiting longer for customers.
The fate of the whole factory is in your hands!

- More than 200 building enhancements
- about 20 different cars
- more than 10 types of workers
- about 100 company upgrades
- More than 10 upgrades per car
- more than 150 medals to be won

Idle Car Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash/Diamonds)

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