Icing On The Cake Mod Apk (Ad Free Unlock)

Test your cake decorating skills! Relax and channel your inner baker in Icing on the Cake. So many cakes that are fun for you to turn, pipe, decorate, and even out? Can you make the perfect cake? Fun and easy to pick up but don't miss the place ... Will you be the first to solve everything?

Color and decorate the perfect wedding cake or birthday cake. The delicious end result will make you feel more hungry! Time is cake time.

Icing On The Cake Features:

1. Zen Out

Ice ice baby! Take your time and relax and create the perfect cake

2. Smooth Smooth Icing

The most realistic food simulation game available. Realistic cakes will make you hungry.

3. Bake ALL cakes

The number of cakes is endless for you to be ice and smooth. Can you put the icing on all the cakes?

4. Feel smooth

Play, relax and feel satisfied with every cake you ice. Feel the realistic sensation of the icing and spread.

Icing On The Cake Mod Apk (Ad Free Unlock)

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