Hungry Shark Heroes Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS) + Obb

Hungry Shark Heroes Mod Apk
Hungry Shark Heroes Mod Apk Assemble the best army of sharks to fight against enemies and build the dream underwater world!

In this Hungry Shark sequel, you will experience a new adventure. Located in a deep and mysterious ocean, you can create a dream reef where your unique shark can breed and thrive. Choose the best to join fast-paced real-time PvP battles with smart strategies. Get ready to explore the world's ocean regions and open rare and powerful sharks!

COLLECT 120+ SHARKS: Adorable Swell Shark, smart Longnose Sawshark, fat Bluntnose Sixgill, prehistoric Megalodon, fierce Cretoxyrhina, and more! Find lots of interesting sharks and add them to your collection!

BATTLE TO WIN: Team your shark and take part in epic battles against other players! Choose the perfect combination, use the special Shark-Fu, choose the right fight time ... Develop your strategy to claim victory!

SHARE A UNIQUE SHARE: Help your sharks fall in love and ... witness the birth of a new shark! Mate sharks from your own collection, or borrow from your friends! Hundreds of couples, hundreds of possibilities!

THEIR WEALTH GUIDE: You are now your baby shark's mentor! Prepare them good food, and accompany them to the training class. With your wise guidance, your baby shark evolved to become the ultimate ruler of the sea!

BUILDING REEF DREAMS: Customize the coral reef according to your wishes and build the perfect home for your shark. Watch the light change from day to night surrounded by the beauty that you create.

BATTLE WORLDWIDE: 15 different arenas await! From the Maya Monument to the Ice Cave to the Atlantic Temple, face new challenges as you defeat rivals and unlock recipes for rare sharks!

GET SOCIAL: Join clans and meet shark lovers from all over the world! Add more friends, share your experience, and team to breed new sharks. You can even donate food to each other and get amazing prizes!

ENTER LIFE EVENTS: Various map events, Ghost Pirate Ship, 3 Star Tease Battle …… They all allow your shark to take the boldest adventure across the ocean. All kinds of daily events with amazing rewards will make you even more hungry!

Hungry Shark Heroes Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS) + Obb

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