Heroes X Academy Mod Apk (High damage/High heal)

Heroes X Academy Mod Apk
The new war game greatly simplifies the operation of war chess and maintains the fun of war chess. Every player can easily start, and return to the online game mobile game "Battle Story Hero Story" waiting for you to fight.
To maintain world peace, teenagers who demand love and justice stand the ground and fight against terrorists who are trying to destroy the world! Destroyed female master, natural medical master, black marksman, mysteriously controlled and cold ninja, energetic technology fairy sword girl, arrogant strong and handsome president who is arrogant from the villain

Heroes X Academy Features
- thrilling plot -
In the game, as the story develops, there will be an amazing story animation besides dialogue. Tell the story of the battlefield of the heroes.
- rich battlefield elements -
Not only various types of enemies on the battlefield but also rich terrain elements. It greatly increases the pleasure of fighting.
—The leader is powerful -
Say goodbye to the brain, the player must avoid strong skills from the leader's warning, and move through continued operations to capture the leader's weaknesses to fight. Leaders have great skills and beautiful performances, and there are many prizes.
- The story of the hero opened -
All the heroes in the game can be obtained by completing storylines and level challenges. And every hero has his own weapons and equipment.
—Special features of weapons -
Each hero has his own exclusive weapon, and changing his own weapon will change the range and characteristics of his attacks.
—Destruction of leaders—:
Every important BOSS has a part that can be damaged, and weapons using weak points can destroy that part and get exclusive crushing equipment.
- Activation of loopombat -
Using wafers to activate different battle loops, combat loops give operators special abilities to face different battlefield enemies.
- strong enemy checkpoints in -
After daily battles, organic levels seem chaotic to enemies, defeating enemies can get special prizes.
—High exclusive level -
This game has a special level for each hero, complete the level challenge to get the strongest exclusive set, and further activate the strong hero power.
—Friend helps -
Help your friends to repel the invading enemy. You will receive exclusive support rewards. The more friends you have, the more gifts you have. Become a hero partner!

Heroes X Academy Mod Apk (High damage/High heal)

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