Gun Rules: Warrior Battlegrounds Fire Mod Apk (UNLIMITED CASH/DIAMONDS/NO ADS)

Dear hero, glad that you came to the battlefield during the last trial. After completing this trial, you will become a member of the anti-terrorism team. Take up your weapon and achieve your glory.
In this foggy city, and no one survives but you. You are running on this forgotten battlefield. All experienced soldiers have been infected by zombies on the battlefield for the same type.
When you feel danger breathing, don't hesitate to take your gun to shoot. As the only survivor of this forgotten battlefield, the blood on your body makes zombies feel crazy. They want to infect you but you must assimilate firmly, arm back, let them know that you are the most powerful warrior, the entire city is full of zombies infected in a timely manner of fog, but you need to ensure that you can still blaze a new trail, win the victory Last in battle with a zombie war.
Control to move. Do not be easily approached by zombies. You are a damned hero. Strong talent can make you aware of the existence of a zombie breath. All you need to do is believe in yourself, then aim, shoot and shoot.
This game is easy to play. You only need to control the hero to move. When aiming at zombies, weapons will fire automatically. The exciting battle rhythm will give you a wave of adrenaline, using TPS is a third-person shooter shooting mode, headshot collocation, and flexible positioning will allow you in the zombie field to enjoy the purest playing experience.
Watch all zombie dogs from all sides. They have very fast speeds. You must be alert at all times, to aim and shoot once they are close.
Improve your repository, and you need to make sure you are faster and stronger to survive on the battlefield.
Heroes, please start the third person fight, let all the zombies be caught and escape the battlefield.

Gun Rules: Warrior Battlegrounds Fire Feature:
Flexible control and move
HD and 3D fog views
Strong fire extinguisher
A fast zombie dog

Gun Rules: Warrior Battlegrounds Fire Mod Apk (UNLIMITED CASH/DIAMONDS/NO ADS)

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