Grim Defender – Castle & Tower Defense Mod Apk Money

Grim Defender is a fast-paced castle/tower defense (TD) defense game that requires strategy and skill. You defend against waves of attacking monsters, increase your defenses and grow stronger and stronger. Dark troops are preparing attacks - fighting and killing monsters with powerful bows, magic spells, traps, legendary, and modules - sending monsters back to the dungeons they came from. You have to shoot a lot!

Tap the screen to shoot monsters, drag and place spells on monsters or position strong traps. Use gold, rubies, and dark gold that you collect from monsters to increase your defenses and weapons! This addictive defense game is praised for its diversity, depth and playful game - enjoy a big battle with hundreds of enemies on the battlefield.

Endless levels, many upgrades, items, legendary and unlimited combinations!

Challenging gameplay through endless levels and different game modes. Create and adjust your defenses as you like. Non-linear defense and upgrade settings, hundreds of decent builds. Combine items freely to build the strongest defense, place explosives, lightning traps or stasis to destroy your enemies or labyrinth using a palisade. Use fire, ice, lightning or pushback spells and strong crossbows combined with modules to stop dark monsters. Upgrade your bow to fire stronger arrows, upgrade your module to deal more damage, use multishot or attack the fire. Upgrade your castle walls, buy more defense towers and magic towers or even add automatic towers to your castle!

Lots of unique enemies, monsters and crazy bosses!

Fight from zombies and easy skeletons to powerful cannon, palisades, and epic boss monsters - can you defeat the ultimate dragon? Kill all monsters and become the greatest warrior in this crazy game!

Dailies, searches, and global competition with other players!

See how other players defend their castle and compete on the global ranking board! Play daily and search or compete in the final battle versus mode against other players (player vs. player - PVP) - coming soon). Get the highest rank in the online competitive leaderboards - have the highest level of all players or become a vs machine with the best defender strategy!

Play offline!

Grim Defender does not require an internet connection to play - play offline from anywhere and whenever you want.

Grim Defender – Castle & Tower Defense Mod Apk Money

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