Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Mod Apk

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Mod Apk
Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Mod Apk Grandpa and Granny Two Night Hunters is a horror game that brings you the long-awaited opportunity to play for a scary grandmother or psycho grandfather. Begin your creepy adventure and strike fear into your victim using every possible means. Go old for a while to play crazy tricks on everyone around and have a real fun!

Grandfather and grandmother are two ruthless hunters whose favorite prey are desperate tourists who get lost in the woods at night. Every neighbor in the neighborhood knew that both parents were schizoid who could turn anyone's life into an endless nightmare.

Your mission in this scary game is quite simple. You need to find as many victims as possible at night, put them in the trunk of your car, and take them to the old house for further entertainment. Be careful when searching for your prey, because this is a horror game with hiding and seek elements. And be quiet, too, because your suspicious neighbors can always call the police, but going to jail is out of the scheme of a crazy grandfather and a fearsome grandmother.

The game Grandfather and Grandmother Two Night Hunters give you the option to choose the characters to be played in the game: grandfather or grandmother. Additional skills vary based on the type of character you choose. That way, a scary grandmother is very quiet and more experienced in finding escape while a crazy grandfather is smarter and faster than that grandmother, and she also has a powerful weapon, which is a large hammer. Escaping for victims is very dangerous, and their chances of survival in the homes of mentally ill parents are also minimal. So the victims will try to hide at every opportunity, and your job is to find them before they escape from your home.

Make sure you visit the shop. Even though it is closed at night, nothing prevents you from using brute physical force because parents are not good at solving puzzles. You can get good transports at the store. Grandfather knows how to handle a hammer. He can destroy anything using this tool, and he doesn't even need a gun! Grandma was equipped with a bat that she used to punish her naughty granddaughter. Parents also like to set traps, which make the hunting process very easy for grandparents and very scary for the victims.

Try working together, breaking items, and searching for hidden objects to find useful hiding places and attractive bonuses. This horror game is full of surprising events and puzzles. What distinguishes the game Grandfather and Grandmother of Two Night Hunters from other frightening games is that the horror here is not standing behind the back of the player, but the players themselves create an atmosphere of fear and fear. This horror game is free and supports several difficulty game modes including "Ghost Mode". Now every player can try the role of a crazy grandfather or a merciless grandmother and find out what it's like to be an old conqueror.

You can shop even if you don’t have enough money;
After any purchase, you get a lot of money.

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Mod Apk

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