Garena Speed Drifters Mod Apk (Teleport forward)

Drift your way to victory in 3 minutes! Fasten your seat belts and get your friends to race together in all the different modes in the game! Race anyone, anywhere, anytime! Come on, feel some new content on Speed ​​Drifters!

Garena Speed Drifters Feature

New Motorbikes - Ever wondered what it's like to race with motorbikes in Speed ​​Drifters? Try it yourself now! Control this new power to dominate the horse race!

Speed ​​Pass - Activate Speed ​​Pass to get all types of prizes! Complete special missions to get items such as cool cars and trendy clothes!

Item mode - Run ahead of your opponents using unique items! Sabotage your enemies and meet them at the finish line. Available in solo and team mode. Collaborate with friends for the ultimate racing experience; use your belongings to protect your friends and secure victory for your team.

Racing mode - Be the best racer on the track! Bend the drift perfectly and take advantage of timely boosts to stay ahead of the race. Classic and casual racing modes for everyone.

Ranking mode - Are you the next Highest Race God? Race against opponents of the same level and move up to the rank. Hone your skills to beat the competition and prove yourself on the global stage.

Dress to win - Choose from more than 100 types of clothes to get the look of your dreams! Wear an elegant dress to captivate your enemies or a shining sword to intimidate them. Countless ways to express yourself in the game.

Drive the car of your dreams - More than 30 different cars are up for grabs now! Drive and drift with whatever car you like. Change the car according to your racing needs to stay on top of the game. More cars will be added in the future.

Break - Need a break from fast-paced racing? Introducing the Rest area for social gatherings or casual mini-games to have fun with your friends. Come explore our beautiful map and try to find killer whales there.

Find the other half - Build relationships in the game! Pair up with the people you love or friends you meet in the game. Send the ring as your proposal to seduce their hearts.

Race against the beat you want - Wear your headphones and enjoy cheerful music when playing games! Listen to all the latest songs from the music player in the game.

Club forms - Recruit your friends to form clubs or get the best players in the region to become the top club in the region!

Garena Speed Drifters Mod Apk (Teleport forward)

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