Galaxy War: Plane Attack Games Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

Galaxy War: Plane Attack Games Mod Apk
Galaxy War: Plane Attack Games Mod Apk Our beautiful galaxy has been attacked by evil alien enemies, and everyone is calling you to be the guardian of this galaxy. Space shooting game makes you hot in unlimited shooting battles. You will face enemies and strong leaders in space wars. Are you sure you can survive?
- The plane fires automatically, touch the screen to move and destroy enemy lines. No tutorial required, you can immediately enter the battle and enjoy shooting!
- Collect coins and update items. Upgrade the plane to full lethal capacity and get extraordinary combat power
- Avoid enemies by tracking bullets to avoid crashing.
- Tap the on-screen button skills to start

[Galaxy War: Plane Attack Games FEATURES]
- Exciting battles: Complete challenging tasks according to chapters.
- Reasonable allocation of difficulties: Normal mode and Elite mode, you are free to choose the difficulty of the game.
- Perfect Warrior: There are 5 planes in the game. Take props and upgrade the plane to get extraordinary combat power!
- Strong bosses: Boss forces are much stronger than you think. Open the game to feel more details.
- Amazing visual effects: extraordinary graphics and beautiful sound quality, giving you a sensory experience like never before!
- Adequate inventory: flight system, mission system, treasure hunting system, lucky turntable system for props and diamonds!

Galaxy War: Plane Attack Games Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

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