Forbidden Source Mod Apk (All 3 Chest cost 0)

Forbidden Source Mod Apk
Forbidden Source Mod Apk Forbidden Source is a fantasy game that combines aspects of RPG and settlement construction.

In the game, you play the role of a hero who spends his life searching for an unlimited source of strength. Wandering in a fantasy world he meets other heroes who share his dreams. He needs to fight other players in several PvP battles, territorial battles, and wars to prove his strength.

You will dive into this fantasy RPG world. Fight against other heroes to level up your hero and receive unique items to increase it. Continual battles for the region to accelerate your improvement progress. Don't miss the epic quest, which also gives valuable prizes.

Find your own strategy for PvP battles and adjust as you unlock new features to continue to win against other heroes.

Do you want to compare your performance with other players? Check rankings for battles, wars, and overall. Never give up and fight to unlock a unique overall ranking, to become Eternal.

The main reason for playing the Forbidden Source RPG:

• Fight against other players in epic turn-based battles.
• Check your own playing tactics and strategies.
• Upgrade skills with unique spells drawn on the screen.
• Upgrade your hero and equip him with legendary items.
• Raise and upgrade various buildings in your settlement.
• Collect victory points to compete with other players in battles and wars.
• Unique graphic style.

Forbidden Source Mod Apk (All 3 Chest cost 0)

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