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Fidchell, also called Chess Faery or Celtic Chess, is an ancient Celtic game that is mentioned in several Irish epics and chronicles. Under the name Gwyddbwyll, it also appears in Welsh Mabinogion and appears to have been honored with respect throughout the British Isles. Chess Faery is what emerged from Nigel Suckling's investigation and speculation about the missing game.

The game is played on a board consisting of circles and lines where pieces of the game are placed and can move together. Similar to games such as the ancient abstract board game, Nine Men’s Morris, the pieces are first placed on the board in turn and moved afterward after everything is placed. Capturing the piece works in a different and same way as the Tafl game: a piece can be captured if a player traps it between two parts of itself. This even gave him another step by which he could trap others and so on.

This application has two game variants: a basic edition that is easier to understand and where both players are treated equally and an advanced version that has different goals for the two players. The general objective is to connect the central Naval stone with the board border by forming a connected stone line.

This application displays game modes for playing offline against humans or computers / AI and playing online asynchronously against humans through Google Play.

Fidchell Mod Apk (Ad Free Unlock)

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