Europe 1784 – Military strategy Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Europe 1784 – Military strategy Mod Apk
Europe 1784 – Military strategy Mod Apk Europe 1784 is a geopolitical strategy that involves taking you to the world of the Middle Ages. Are you ready to become king, emperor or tsar? Can you lead the entire civilization?

A smart dictator is a key to the success of state policy. Actively participate in international events, sign non-aggression pacts, forward important issues for international voting. Remember, diplomacy and fine policy are more efficient than war. Don't forget the state business: produce food, clothing, weapons and other equipment for your troops.

Main gameplay features:
● Training military units;
● Establish the law;
● State the state religion;
● waging war against states and other civilizations, conquest;
● Raided countries to plunder them;
● Diversion and espionage;
● Trading;
● International meetings, early League of Nations;
● International relations;
● Colonization;
● And many more await you in Europe 1784.

Europe 1784 – Military strategy Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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