Empire Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited gold/gem/stone)

Choose your troops and place them on the battlefield to create an army that is truly special for you! Do battles against army bots or real players!

Three modes include:
- Challenges: Defeat bot forces in a single-player challenge that is getting harder and harder!
- Siege: Enter an epic siege where you have to overcome wave after wave of large bot forces.
- Arena: Test your troops in an arena where you will compete with other players to get a place on the leaderboard.

Every victory, in any mode, gives you gifts with new chests and troops to expand and increase your troops!

Royal Battle Simulator improves on all aspects of gameplay based on our feedback and observations.

Ragtag graphics, animations, audio, and physics are increasing rapidly!
The amazing village where you can see all your troops and create your army!
The gameplay is enhanced with troops that have special behavior and allow for sophisticated tactics!
Increase and unlock troops by defeating challenges, sieges, or reaching certain total trophies!
Match based on the trophy so you are always matched with players with similar skills!
Fantastic units like Cerberus and Barbarians!

Empire Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited gold/gem/stone)

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