Elevator Simulator Lift EM ALL Mod Apk Money

Elevator Simulator Lift EM ALL is an elevator boy simulator. Your excitement starts with lifting passengers to different floors, solving problems with hooligans. Help firefighters and electricians keep building safely.

The best fun job in the world is elevator boy or elevator girl. It's important to make everything that people want from you and without magic and technology, it's impossible. But you have it! Use your strength to make the world better.

If your passenger is in a hurry, use teleportation and make the day happy and lucky. Help the firefighters to put out the fire or make it your own. Help the police to catch bad people or catch them with your handcuffs.

From floor to floor the number of floors grows and you manage many people in 15-20 or even 25-story buildings. Have you had enough strength in yourself to do it?

For every good transaction, the passenger gives you money. You can spend it on good items such as handcuffs, tools, or extinguishers. You can also increase lifts and buy super fans like:
- New speed mechanism that increases elevator speed
- Time controller that gives you more time for levels
- capacity improvement module and you can lift 4, 5 or even 6 people at a time

Elevator Simulator Lift EM ALL Mod Apk Money

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