Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk (Dumb enemy/Unlimited skill)

Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk In this awesome free action-adventure RPG with elements such as roguelike and great pixel art graphics, you explore random dungeons by combining elements to produce powerful spells.
Use the environment and upgrade your skills to defeat the hordes of monsters that hide in it. Find powerful items, meet strange creatures and play different unique classes in your quest to solve the mystery of the Elemental Dungeon.
Challenge your friends to a fight or let them join your search in this amazing multiplayer game!

Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk
Every adventure is unique thanks to random dungeons. Challenging gameplay with elements like Roguelike will test your skills. Play as Mage, Hunter, or Ronin!

Combine up to 3 elements from a total of 6 to release spells that destroy your enemies! Unlock the spell scroll to learn new spells and enjoy the smooth, double joystick controls.

Use the responsive environment to your liking: burn grass, freeze puddles or blow up barrels. Find hidden passageways and magic treasures. Explore the weak spots of countless monsters and mighty bosses and solve the secret of this dungeon.

Bring your friends in a multiplayer adventure where you fight through the dungeons together. Or challenge your friends in epic fuss and be the last one!

Unique pixel art and beautiful characters will make your trip unforgettable. Enjoy the exciting original game soundtrack that will last for you long.

Note: Root Only

Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk (Dumb enemy/Unlimited skill)

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