Dragons War Legends – Raid shadow dungeons Mod Apk

Summon the hero of the Berserker who destroyed the legendary earth, magic archers, magicians who use magic, and sexy assassins to defeat the enemy. Seize dungeons, fight epic PVP, PvE, arena, and tower defense battles. Ride the leaderboard to get the ultimate gold equipment and become an unstoppable legend. Monsters and evil creatures appear more often. A war has begun, and it's time for a strong hero to come ... Win an epic dragon battle, and become the greatest warrior in the world in this strategy RPG! The new world order is needed to rebuild peace!

Explore a magical world thrown into war and chaos by monsters, beasts and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite hero, recruit troops, and fight and conquer fearlessly in an epic dimension war! The dragon waits for you to kill.

- ENJOY adventures and play against other masters in the PvP Arena to collect exclusive prizes, claim chests, and climb leaderboards!

- STRONG heroes. Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills for the arena! Let them lead, attack, and destroy your enemies in Action RPG. Take on legendary heroes in underground raids - gather your allies to explore threatening dungeons and find rare spoils. Warrior, Wizard, Assassin or Berserker - choose your class and go down to the dark.

- BATTLE scary monsters are taken from the dungeon! Explore various levels of dark dungeons! Fight epic boss battles and horn your skills,
explore deeper into the abyss.

- COLLECT the strongest items and forging equipment ever, you will see how their power in dragon battles grows! Fight monsters, collect treasures and achieve new adventures. Craft gems and dazzle your weapons, wear exclusive wings and show the world. Upgrade powerful weapons and equipment to produce greater effects and strong combinations on the battlefield!

- MULTIPLAYER RPG Games: Explore, fight, and clash in the arena with other players! Find friends, and fight dragons together, you are not alone!

- CHALLENGE your adventure skills by reaching new depths of the dungeon to look for even greater rewards in the Trial Tower.

- GET daily prizes and complete quests to add more items and supplies to your inventory.

MONSTERS LOW HP (Don't try to turn on this feature on BOSS round, the game will reboot.)

Dragons War Legends – Raid shadow dungeons Mod Apk

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