Dirty Money: the rich get richer! Mod Apk (Free purchases for game money)

Dirty Money: the rich get richer! Mod Apk This year it's time to waste money as you like and start living the high life. Even though our simulators resemble their counterparts, your actions will not be limited by tapping your screen all the time. Instead, you will deftly scrub your batter out of a pile of rubles as you build your business. Make your smartphone or tablet PC work very hard, and let it give you piles of money offline! We offer you exciting offline actions with a carefully thought out and smart game flow. This works very fast even without an internet connection. The simulator will brighten your life when you queue in a long queue for your doctor, fly a long flight, or take a slow train. For that, it is never too boring to spend money and easily make a lot of money! Because of its intensity, its events, and carefully thought out plots, our game has been rated among "The Best 2018 Business Games".
A seemingly simple task: tap money and tap for wealth and you win. But it also teaches you how to win the market by force and fight fiercely with your competition to get good luck! You will manage your capital, invest your finances, learn the art and craft of bribing and avoid jail because of it, and protect yourself from extortionists. Leveling up the strength of your business to unbelievable heights and countless income beyond your ken is waiting for you in our application. Get inspiration for success in real life by earning tons of money and gold in the game. Become one of the heroes like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump! Every search you complete helps you destroy your rival's hopes.

Dirty Money: the rich get richer! Mod Apk (Free purchases for game money)

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