Detective Story: Jack’s Case – Hidden objects Mod Apk (Free Shopping) + Obb

Detective Story: Jack’s Case – Hidden objects Mod Apk
This story tells the story of what happened in Philadelphia a few years ago. One day, an unusual package arrives at your detective agency's office which contains a locked box. Shortly thereafter, you receive a strange phone call. The stranger, who calls himself "Jack", says that you only have one hour to save a man's life, and give you one clue ...

But who is Jack, and what is he looking for?

About the game:
? Amazing storyline based on real events.
Your goal is to complete the search and look for hidden objects, but be careful and don't be in a hurry! Some searches are harder than you think.

? Detailed HD graphics.
The game offers very detailed images and textures. All objects look very realistic, and even small details like hidden figures are easily seen.

? Many different locations.
Explore the big cities and a large number of locations, from the backyard to the deck of the ship.

? More than 30 unique characters.
Get ready to interact with more than 30 characters! Your communication skills will be very important in solving this case.

? Lots of case evidence.
Look for clues and find objects everywhere, even the smallest details matter!

? Puzzles and fun mini-games.
This game is packed with mini-games to keep your attention. Find everything!

? Unique collection card with information about the criminal world.
Collect all the cards and learn more about the world of true criminal kingpins.

Detective Story: Jack’s Case – Hidden objects Mod Apk (Free Shopping) + Obb

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