Demolition Derby .io – Car Destruction Simulator Mod Apk (Enough banknotes)

The ultimate demolition derby game
Join the fun derby destruction simulator! Car crash game full of adrenaline muscles with lots of damage, fun physics, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Car crash, monster truck, van, bus or even destroy a tank! Enjoy the io car demolition simulator and be the last person standing. Survive the derby without mercy and win more and more racing cars to destroy.

Quick battle
A typical derby demo battle lasts between 20-60 seconds. Our demolition derby game is an easy and fun car race game. The car accident occurred a few seconds after the start and the car demolition continued until there was only one living champion in the arena. Develop your skills and hit as many cars as possible on the way to the wreck!

Demolition Derby .io Feature:
★ 40+ Racing cars on strike
★ 4 demolition derby arenas
★ .io multiplayer gameplay games
★ Super easy controls
★ Enjoy fast 60 seconds of demolition derby rounds
★ Improve and improve the performance of your race car
★ Collect power-ups during the derby battle of destruction
★ Drive-in front of slower enemies and steal power-ups for yourself
★ Car accidents make money for you
★ Destroying cars gives you a big bonus
★ Destroy special vehicles such as monster trucks, buses, tanks...
★ Enjoy drifting cars during fun car races
★ Suggest your favorite car. We like your advice!

Floating game
If you like car drifting games, you will enjoy a special lap arena created to show the best drifting cars in the game and test your driving skills to the fullest. If you want to win, you need to learn the characteristics of your car and choose the best race car for drift racing, not just a big monster truck dedicated to demolition deathmatch derby. The drift feature of your car might save valuable seconds in car demolition battles!

Demolition Derby .io – Car Destruction Simulator Mod Apk (Enough banknotes)

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