Dead Paradise: Race Shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Use a large arsenal of weapons - from machine guns to grenade launchers, destroy hordes of robbers to restore their families. Avoid annoying mines and defense towers. Practice your skills and gain strength in overall gangs.

You are waiting for 4 types of cars that are able to conquer any obstacle. The enemy was destroyed about Tanka's armor, but it was not as fast as Reaper, so you had to use fully available technology. Upgrade your SUV so they don't get to the pirate gear on wheels.

Fighting in the post-apocalyptic New America. The journey begins with the city where your family lives. You wait deep in the desert, open mines, suburbs, airports, and other remembered places to find the perpetrators.

First, you will be assisted by Mechanics and Stalkers. Play You can free and conquer other characters. Everyone has a new powerful weapon, but will everyone stay with you until the end?

Dead Paradise: Race Shooter FEATURES:

- More than 70 levels with different locations: Cities, Deserts, Gorges, Suburbs, and others;
- Conquer one location after another while receiving enemy gang resources;
- Steep pump cars: 5 cars to choose from, including Tanks;
- Fighting in the vast expanse of the post-apocalyptic world;
- Adjustable management;
- 3 difficulty levels with various awards;
- More than 15 types of enemies, from ordinary motorbikes to heavy tanks;
- 4 unique bosses;
- Large armory: machine guns, shotguns, and others including grenade launchers;
- Interact with friends and share resources with Facebook.

Dead Paradise: Race Shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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