Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 Mod Apk (A large number of souls)

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 Mod Apk
Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 Mod Apk No matter if you are a big fan of Lovecraft or you have just read the name for the first time, this retro pixel art virtual pet game will be in your pocket to fill your days with fun.

You will be a new student at Miskatonic University, and your mission is to care for the great old Cthulhu

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 feature:

⭐ Feed, clean, destroy and make him sleep
⭐ 4 stages of evolution from baby to god
⭐ 5 different scenes depending on the day
⭐ 6 food groups to satisfy it
⭐ Dress her with more than 50 pieces of T-shirts, pants, wings, and glasses
⭐ Summon other Lovecraftian monsters and receive special prizes
⭐ Play mini-games to gain a soul for your daily routine
⭐ Complete the mission to collect golden seals and skulls
⭐ Mention your own Cthulhu and his witnesses
⭐ Optional retro filters for your nostalgia
⭐ Cloud save maintains your progress in synchronizing on your different devices

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 Mod Apk (A large number of souls)

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