Bodybuilding and Fitness game – Iron Muscle Mod Apk

Bodybuilding and fitness exercise IRON MUSCLE combines bodybuilding fitness and powerlifting exercises!
Allows each person to do 5 exercises consisting of the most relevant muscle groups. Let's play and work anywhere!
Choose a bodybuilding fitness exercise game, from seven bodybuilder characters.
- More than 5 exercises. Each exercise works with other muscles.
- List of weight training exercises most often used for each major muscle group.
- HD images for.
- Each update contains new fitness exercises and improved games.
- Each level you can use greater weight and repetition for each exercise performed.
- Each exercise is equipped with different muscles.
- Beautiful animations for each exercise progress, based on performance, weight, and repetition.
- You can train your muscles every day, at any time, but if your character's level is too low, you need to eat! And the days of fitness continue!
- Ability to choose exercises at the gym.
- Ability to change your facial hair and hair. It does not affect sports.
- The ability to choose between supplements ... such as protein, fat burners, creatine, and other things to use greater weight, faster growth, and good exercise.
Bodybuilding Exercise Games are concentrated in the menu:
- EXERCISE, with the most relevant and important exercises.
- BARBERSHOP, with hair, and facial hairstyles in six colors. Not relevant for WORKOUT
- RESTAURANT, for larger muscles and reduce fat. If the character is tired you cannot exercise. choose from six foods. Choose Lower fat for a six-pack belly!
In bodybuilding and fitness games, you can exercise
- stomach
- back
- Biceps
- Calves
- Dada
- arm
- legs
- Thighs
- Calves
- shoulder
- Triceps
In the five training methods!
Predefined plans for:
- bodybuilding
- fitness
- Powerlifting
If you want a new exercise, fitness training please write to me and add a new exercise

Unconditional entry into the lock mode
Unlimited energy

Bodybuilding and Fitness game – Iron Muscle Mod Apk

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