BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter Mod Apk
BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter Mod Apk You are the only survivor of a plane crash but this is not your lucky day. You wake up all covered in blood and realize that something is wrong. Where's everybody? Why is there no emergency service at the accident site?
Suddenly you hear a scream. It turns out someone is here but is barely alive.
Unfortunately, you find out that you are on ... zombie island. The entire population was slaughtered and the city was destroyed.

Apparently, some crazy scientists are responsible for this plague. Information from the dying victim shows that he has several viruses that turn the dead into zombies.
Your responsibility is to find its location and execute it. Unfortunately, you only have one map section and you need to find the rest.

Will you survive in a post-apocalyptic world like this? Reach your pipe as the first weapon and start the scary journey. Explore a big city full of dangerous zombies, abandoned buildings and underground metro.
Drive an armored car and shoot everyone in your street. Defeat zombies with various weapons such as minigun or just blow them up with TNT.

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

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