BATTLE HEROES Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems)

The war between many races has ended. But…
After all, the continent was in ruins, the war began again from water and resources.
Now the mercenaries have become the new rulers,
We started an invasion to take the remaining resources in the destroyed continent ...
It was the land of the "Nine Cities" war.
This is a place where many mercenaries live in 9 difficult areas.
Defending their territory and expanding their territory is the only method of survival.
Integrate "Nine City" by blocking invasion and invasion!


- Autoplay support for movements, battles, unit production
- Consists of 9 themes (180 stages)> Normal, Elite mode
- General, Elite Dungeon (Wave Attack)> Equipment, acquisition of gems
- Acquisition of Advanced Equipment through "Drawing Equipment"
- Achieve achievements naturally when playing> Acquisition of Gems
- League Ranking competition with users worldwide> Payment of prizes
(Bloodstone)> Purchase a skill card
- Arena (World PVT) Fight Card System> Various skill cards

BATTLE HEROES Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems)

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