Arcana Tactics Mod Apk (Always win)

Arcana Tactics Mod Apk
Arcana Tactics Mod Apk
[Unlimited number of character combination cases]
Use your strategic judgment to develop your character along the way!
When the ingredients you want don't come out, strategically buy ingredients from the ongoing pop-up shop!
The key point is to develop by considering the synergy between characters.
Clear the search to get more prizes!

[More than 100 taste sniper characters]
Moyamoya ~ Tell me the true story?
Classy illustration for domestic top-class callers!
Cute and cute elementary school characters, charming battle action bonuses!
Who is your caller's favorite hero ?!

[Character Growth System]
Grow each character's unique tool for a perfect Summoner battle!
Challenge the highest stars with character & resurrection levels!
Complete 6 runes for each hero and see which heroes get stronger with set effects!

[80 types of arcana card illustrations]
High-quality card illustration to confuse the genre!
Build your party caller even stronger by using various Arcana effects!

[Various deep content]
Story Dungeon: Grow steadily in dungeons in a fun and deep story!
Duel Field: Strategize your opponents with a strategic party!
Abyss Dungeon: Battle against powerful monsters! Clean monsters with strategic deck construction!
Jail day of the week: get lots of prizes every day!
Expedition: Exciting Expedition! Delete random events and get prizes!

Arcana Tactics Mod Apk (Always win)

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