Alive In Shelter Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

Alive In Shelter Mod Apk
Alive In Shelter Mod Apk ☢ Will you survive? Feel the survival in the family underground shelter! Falling down! Doomsday fall ... Prepare your bunker using useful items that will help you survive! The best shelter simulator! Mysteries and strange things. There is no way out, life here is your prison .. Or maybe there is a way out? ... Try to collect everything in a few seconds! Try this indie 8-bit game now! Hurry and never give up! Rush through mysteries and strange stories!
- Multiplayer: right!
- Online chat: right!

☢ Turn useless junk into useful items with Crafting! There are no rules! Rush over land, explore all holes. Try to survive the madness.
Play deathmatch with friends!

☢ You only have a few seconds (only 30 or less) rushing to collect useful items for you to protect so you have to explore the vacant lot to find items or use crafts. Every cellar you hide devices and useful items.

☢ Many scary and mysterious things will try to influence your post-nuclear life. Maybe it's good? ... Anyway, try to protect your family and keep your body in good condition. Security is number one!

☢ Remember to have underground radio communication and something that can create a light signal! Leave your door open when needed. And of course, try to survive, don't let your character die! Upgrade your bunker to make it easier to survive 😉

☢ Fear of nuclear war, make good decisions! Remember about crafts!

☢ Alive In Shelter Features:
⏩ Beautiful retro 8-bit retro graphics!
⏩ Post-apocalyptic bliss!
⏩ Crafts: items, alchemy!
⏩ Adventure, expedition!
⏩ Action, fear!
⏩ Mystery!
⏩ Plant Potatoes, carrots, and blueberries!
⏩ 5 rooms, gardens and abandoned land outside!
⏩ Google achievements and leaderboards!
⏩ Residential customization and improvement
⏩ Multiplayer deathmatch, chatting
⏩ Mines, metal ores
⏩ Ghosts, and mysterious characters
⏩ 12 Languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Italian, French ..

☢ Item:
⏩ Gas masks, pollution meters
⏩ Radio & TV
⏩ Axes, Weapons & ammunition
⏩ Furnaces & refineries
⏩ Water & food
⏩ Cards, maps, assistive devices
⏩ Gasoline & flashlights
⏩ Bowls, manure, teddy bears
⏩ Water filters, work tables, wood, iron, copper, equipment
⏩ Tablecloths, potatoes, vodka, telephones, post-nuclear pets, bats
⏩ Rocket station with rocket fuel!

☢ Do you think you know everything about you living alone underground in a shelter and the life of post-nuclear atoms? Explore the strange desert and try to survive, there are many ways! Watch out for epidemics! It's fun to find what items are actually done or how to use your device. The more you know them, the better chance you have to survive the plague! Break all the rules.

Alive In Shelter Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

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