Airplane Defense: Idle Games Mod Apk (God Mode/No ADS)

Airplane Defense: Idle Games Mod Apk
Airplane Defense: Idle Games Mod Apk Synthetic aircraft can be upgraded to more aggressive planes, build your aircraft empire, and continue to produce gold coins. Destroy enemy planes and get lots of gold coins, then use gold coins to buy stronger planes and synthesize the strongest warrior in the final form.
This is a stand-alone game that combines hang-up, compositing, tower defense, and aircraft warfare!

- Upgrade planes through mergers and destroy enemy planes to get gold coins.
- There are more than 40 different aircraft in the game. Upgrade mergers to get more sophisticated aircraft, firepower enhanced!
- Surprise packages are dropped randomly and opened to receive excess prizes.
- Place the system and aircraft can automatically fight and produce gold coins on the runway. Generate even if you are offline.

Airplane Defense: Idle Games features
- The gameplay is simple but addictive.
- Rich gold coin prizes, awakening, and doubling firepower allow you to dominate the sky and enjoy the glory of the king!
- super gorgeous barrage, cool battle effects, various game modes, really let you fight in earnest!

Airplane Defense: Idle Games Mod Apk (God Mode/No ADS)

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