Age of Colonization: Economic strategy Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Age of Colonization is an interesting geopolitical strategy that is played by people around the world. This game doesn't need an internet connection.
Become the ruler of one of the biggest countries in Europe. Are you ready to fight with the Roman Empire, strong France, and Britain, aggressive barbarians? There are more than 40 medieval countries in the game.

Main feature:
● Build troops and fleets;
● Take espionage and diversion missions;
● Attacking another country to annex it or take its resources;
● Defend your territory from other countries;
● Make a peace agreement;
● Produce military food, resources, and equipment;
● Sell excess products to other countries, buy the products you need;
● A list of events that are historically accurate;
● Establish the law;
● Organize international meetings, promote your advice on choosing;
● Choose your country's official religion;
● Increase the number of goods produced thanks to research;
● Appoint fleet commanders, ground forces, supreme commanders, heads to collect tribute, buildings, and trade;
● Colonization;
● Combat separatism in conquered territory.

Age of Colonization: Economic strategy Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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