60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG Mod Apk

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG Mod Apk
60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG Mod Apk True Idle "God" RPG Tier!

The earth has just been destroyed ... but don't worry!
Sign a contract with the Goddess of Time to set back the time!
Now it's your turn to become a hero and save the planet!

★ Event: Win a Level 5 Hero
Every master who reaches Level 5 Heroes will be awarded an additional 5-Star Knight!

★ Join the Official Community!
Have friendly conversations and share information with each other!

■ 60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG Features

◎ RPG is completely unemployed!
Train your knights anytime and anywhere, even when you are offline!

◎ More than 100 Different Characters! Meet your favorite historical figures in the game!
Familiar characters in a new appearance!
Pamper your eyes on amazing and amazing skills!
Immerse yourself in a strong battle scene!

◎ Easy In-Game System!
Bored with games that make you have a headache?
Enjoy the power of your ever-increasing knights with easy search and automatic level upgrading!

◎ 60 seconds! Time to Become a God!
A hero who signs a contract with Time Goddess can wake up to be God himself for 60 seconds!
Enjoy high-quality transformation scenes together with great abilities!

◎ Perform Rebirth to Break the Limit! Skip Stages with Unlimited Strength!
Do rebirth to make your knight stronger!
Unlock God's abilities through a rebirth!

◎ Strategic Gameplay Utilizing Different Types of Attack!
Discover your ultimate strategy to win with knights from four different continents!

◎ Idle RPG with Challenges and Achievements!
Win various prizes when your knight becomes stronger!
Prove your strength by challenging ‘Evil Lord’ and get a rare character!

◎ Grind? No longer! Free Gifts are given every day!
Lots of content with lots of different prizes!
Free gifts are given every day to help the heroes save the planet!

Rebirth Not Reduce Stage
Root detection bypass
Emulator detection bypass
Mod tested on LD player

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG Mod Apk

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