Z/X Code OverBoost Mod Apk (1 Hit) + Obb

"Zex Code Over Boost Z / X Code OverBoost" is an original story that weaves popular characters from Z / X.


That is the name of humanity that has evolved in five different futures.
They started a war to make every future a "real history".

It seems that the struggle for survival will continue until everything is destroyed.
Based on a proposal from a certain person, Five Worlds will conclude a truce.

The young man visited the place with hope and hope to enjoy a peaceful time.
As a student "Kuzuryu Gakuen" was created by providing technology from the world.

That should ...
...... How did this happen !?

■ Battle
In "Zex Code OverBoost Z / X Code OverBoost", you can work with your favorite leaders and up to 5 Z / X.
Elementary character is a funny and funny battle!
Watch your opponent's movements and press the deadly overdrive technique!

■ Babysitting
Let's maintain and strengthen your favorite Z / X.
In addition to increasing levels, you can strengthen your XX in various ways, such as "awakening" to awaken various abilities and "evolution" to increase your scarcity and status.

■ Illustration
Beautiful character illustrations by beautiful illustrators make this game fun.

Z/X Code OverBoost Mod Apk (1 Hit) + Obb

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