Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled Mod Apk (Infinite money/coin​)

Zombie Shoot Pandemic Survivor takes you to a world of doomsday bursting full of zombies. Collect various types of weapons and protectors, then equip yourself! Control your shooter nimbly to avoid zombies. Just take weapons and fight against the gods!
A variety of military weapons, elegant images, and beautiful styles, you can always find all your favorite weapons and how to fight!

-High quality and amazing graphics
Many maps and places are waiting for you to explore, such as the terrible plagues of villas, abandoned workshops, scientific laboratories full of zombies ... ... and various forms of zombies

-Multiple Story Events
Face a different event: find the missing officer, stop cleaning to rescue trapped civilians, defeat the deadly evil evil Boss. Feel the various attacks to bring stimulation, the pursuit not only opens a sense of refreshing; The surprising audio-visual effect depicts a tense battle, feeling the dreadful world of Zombie apocalypse

Fun Interactions and Functions
Tables, chairs, cars, there are interesting interactions everywhere, using this helps you pass levels, save civilians and save safely; Zombies face wave after wave. Use grenades to damage or slow down zombies, this fighting skill can help you survive longer!

-Powerful Weapon Supply
We provide a large number of weapons and weapons, anyone of you is a military fan, a lover of weapons collections can be collected here with your exclusive weapons! Military Paradise! Slay zombies with a powerful gun!

Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled Mod Apk (Infinite money/coin​)

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