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Zombie Raft 3D v1.6 Mod Apk

Meet the new blocky-style survival game!

Under mysterious circumstances, you are on a raft at sea. There is only water around. You can only rely on yourself!

If you look at the horizon - you will see the islands. They can be rich in natural resources such as wood or ore. Explore the island to find hidden objects and puzzles there.

On the surface of the sea floats many objects thrown from the ship. But you have a hook! You can take these items with this hook. Throw the hook on the object and pull it to itself. That way you can build your raft. Not only the boards and grass that pass, but also barrels and crates with the resources needed to survive.

Pay attention to the indicators "Health", "Fun" and "Water". Keep the level of food and water in the body at the right level and you will be able to stay alive. Get food from the box. Make as many fishing rods and fish as you can. You can farm by making a garden. Plant banana seeds and wait for the harvest when the tree grows. To refill water - collect water bottles, or build a water maker.

Don't be afraid to dive into the water! Explore the world of water and nearby islands.

Make additional items on the raft. The beds are cunning, so you can sleep and save the game process, and spend the night. Use fire to warm and light the area. Kirk and ax will help you get resources. You can make your raft as big as you want! Add wooden platforms, build walls and roofs.

Be careful at night! At night, true survival begins. Zombies wake up and they will try to attack you. Fight with tools or weapons. Zombies only appear at night, so get up in bed to let the dark night pass.

Zombie Raft 3D - game features:
- Survival at sea with a yellow raft
- changes day and night
- dangerous and interesting adventure
- various weather conditions
- Simple player control and crafting system
- nice graphics

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