Zombie Avengers Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

Find a camp to save victims, recruit soldiers and withstand body crazy attacks!
Arrange armies to arm and gather material, fight and create rights to maximize benefits!
Kill zombies to get hard serum and improve warrior attributes!
Upgrade bases, increase building levels, and kill zombies more effectively!
Recruit soldiers of all abilities and equip powerful weapons!

Zombie Avengers features:
There are refill planes at any time:
Unique style;
lots of zombies;
Master a quick response to shooting Arcade games;
Forty special forces and unique skills;
Hordes of zombies will satisfy your desire to sweep, and the powerful zombie BOSS is the ultimate test for the special forces that you train.
A strong army will help you stay motivated!

Zombie Avengers Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

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