ZIC: Survivor – Survival Games & Apocalypse Mod Apk (Role invincible)

ZIC: Survivor is a free survival game, shooter and RPG with crafts and buildings. Build shelter, craft deadly weapons, and explore the vast world with story mode. Feel the Zombie Apocalypse & become The Zombie Hunter!

The virus infected all crew and passengers of the aircraft, which caused the crash. You are the only survivor in a plane crash that hasn't been touched by the zombie virus. After falling, you wake up somewhere in the wild, around a dead walking scientist and half alive ...

Infection with a deadly virus has turned the world into a dead zone and now you have to survive in a pandemic at all costs and find ways to stop the zombie apocalypse. And try not to die, if not, humanity will be destroyed. The plague must be stopped, everyone who dies must be in the tomb.

☣ Zombie survival games & genre shooting zombie games;
☣ Interesting story modes with interesting searches;
☣ Various NPCs and many undead zombies;
☣ Stylish cartoon graphics;
☣ Open a wide world with crafts and buildings;
☣ Realistic opportunities from day/night - create a torch for dark night!
☣ Charismatic characters and interesting dialogue;
☣ Amazing soundtrack - immerse yourself in the atmosphere of doomsday;
☣ Weapons that are rich in weapons against zombies, from knives to rifles;
☣ Get involved in developing a project about zombie survival!

ZIC: Survivor – Survival Games & Apocalypse Mod Apk (Role invincible)

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