Z Shelter Survival – Survive The Last Day! Mod Apk

Z Shelter Survival – Survive The Last Day! Mod Apk
Z Shelter Survival – Survive The Last Day! Mod Apk Welcome to Z Shelter Survival, last congratulations!

The earth was peaceful and happy before the zombies broke out after the apocalypse. When a terrible zombie infection suddenly explodes, it spreads everywhere and turns most humans into brutal zombies. Z Shelter seems to be a place to go and live but is full of danger and threats to survival. Just stay alive, there is only chance to hope, even though hunger, thirst, cold and zombies will all threaten your life, other survivors can also become your enemies in this cruel zombie world.

Begin to act! Make weapons first to defend against bloody zombies. Build a strong house and sophisticated equipment. And looking for partners to work together. Could human society return? Who knows?

★★★ Tips for new victims at Z Shelter Survival ★★★
▶ Pick up wood and stone to make a survival tool.
▶ Craft weapons to defend zombie harassment and rob material from zombies and wild animals.
▶ Build kennels and raise dogs. That might make the crazy world a little warmer.
▶ Gameplay survival PVP - Go to the BASE PLUNDER and plunder as many resources as you can. Checklist for revenge.
▶ Monitor Your Health Point.
▶ Learn to cook and make thick fabrics to protect you from hunger and cold.
▶ Nothing is more important than building a comfortable and stable home.
▶ Be careful when you see survivors before you are sure they are good. Maybe you have to fight.
▶ Fix radio to gather useful survival information.
▶ Create a work desk to improve your equipment and survival weapons.
▶ Traffic craft tools to travel to places farther on the island quickly.
▶ Try to disperse your enemies then act, attack attacks that cause more damage and make you hard to find by them. Kill them and you can approach the box for valuable ingredients.
▶ After you die unlucky, return to your body and collect your belongings in 10 minutes. Or you can click Revive Now to revive at once.
▶ Explore more open land to find more resources to survive.

Fast travel = instant move on big map

Z Shelter Survival – Survive The Last Day! Mod Apk

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