Xenowerk Tactics Mod Apk (a large amount of currency)

Xenowerk Tactics Mod Apk Play the first part for free. Get access to complete games with in-app purchases.

Play as the commander of the emergency response team after the disaster in a secret lab, hidden deep within the Arctic region. Your job is to cover and maximize profits for the Xenowerk company, or to save the world, depending on who you ask ...

Deploy troops on the expedition to the infected zone. Explore the scattered wild landscape with the remains of the absurd Xenowerk research facility. Use skills, traits, and mutations to reduce danger, horror, and accidents during your trip.

Push your operations to the limit, not to waste valuable time. Explore forests, swamps, laboratories, shelter, and factories. Scavenge valuable resources. Carry out various missions. Secure a strategic safe zone. Find and save M.I.A. cooperative.

Xenowerk Tactics Mod Apk
Control your squad in real-time battles against the mutant hordes. Use surgery and mutation skills, such as Frag Grenade, Bait & Trap, Adrenaline, Pyrokinesis, and more, to change the possibilities you want. Activate Tactical Pause anytime to give more detailed orders.

Recruit and develop Marines, Forest Guards, and Scientists as your agent. But choose wisely, some might get dubious traits or mutations.

Spend the collected resources to increase your base of operations; Barracks, Recruitment, Field Hospital, Armory, etc. Spend income on maintenance, improvement, and recruitment.

Serving Xenowerk's management wishes to continue to raise funds. Make extra cash under the table by selling resources on the Black Market. Or maybe try to save the world ...

Xenowerk Tactics Feature
• Single-player offline game. No connection required.
• Real-time tactical combat.
• Explore world maps with many handmade and generated missions.
• Home base management and character development.
• Beautiful graphics displayed with physical based techniques.
• Store up to 10 different saved games and store them in the cloud.
• English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体 中文, 한국어, 日本語, 繁体 中文, русский, Português do Brasil

Xenowerk Tactics Mod Apk (a large amount of currency)

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