Wolf: The Evolution Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Free VIP/More Meat per Hunt/No Ads)

Wolf domination is very important for the natural order. If other animals dominate, all other life, from the lowest plants to the highest wild animals, will suffer. Only a package of powerful and wise wolves can bring balance and harmony to the ground.

'Wolf: The Evolution' is a simulator that tells an adventure story. Welcome to the Silverglade Package, a small family struggling to gain a foothold in the wilderness. You must help them develop and grow until they can realize their dreams!

Dominate the virtual world with your wolf package. Choose the ultimate team and fight with other big enemies like bears, elephants, jaguars, and tigers. Eliminate your enemies to expand your territory and collect prizes. Or choose the life of a hunter. Look for prey as you explore the vast forest. Hunt for wildlife to feed your wolves, grow and strengthen them for epic battles!

Open new wolves and bring them to your nest. Feed your wolf booty from your hunt to grow it from puppies to adults. When you have 2 strong wolves, you can develop them to make their abilities stronger!

Breed wolves together to create baby dogs! Raise your puppy carefully, one day they will need to lead the family.

Alpha Wolf is a proud leader, while Betas defends your army. Wolf hunters can catch the most hidden prey. Omegas are weak, but they can heal your entire package in battle. Each wolf personality has different abilities for battle and hunting, so choose your team wisely!

Wolf Evolution is an interactive online multiplayer game with MMO style gameplay. Chat and play roles with friends from all over the world as you explore the jungle & complete challenging tasks.

Welcome to the realistic wolf simulator, where wolves behave according to their personalities. The alpha wolf walked proudly while Omegas crouched. Sharp visuals will take you to the far 3D virtual world filled with other animals big and small. You can explore, fight & hunt. Don't forget, you can also breed and raise your wolf family and teach them various skills & attacks!

Wolf: The Evolution Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Free VIP/More Meat per Hunt/No Ads)

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