Wizard Duel Mod Apk (The three morphing features of the unlocked character)

Wizard Duel Mod Apk
Wizard Duel Mod Apk You have been chosen to attend the great Magician Duel! Duels are held in real-time with real magicians and wizards all over the world. After joining the duel, you can also explore the mysterious castle where all the contests are held. You can meet other players and freely move & look around. You will find fun new spells to do in the castle that can lift an entire bookshelf or break it.
Magic Spells & Others

When you are experienced enough, you will also learn the Werewolf, Runes, and Dragon spells. For example, you can surprise other players by turning into a werewolf in a castle or during your duel.

Wizard Duel Features:

Wizard Duel is a magical version of the classic rock-paper-scissors game played by Witches and Wizards. This game has PvP all over the world. The rules are simple: Give one spell that is stronger than your opponent's spell, and you will win the round. Play against other wizards and wizards around the world and conquer the leaderboard!

• After 50 duels you will learn rune spells
• After 100 duels you can become a werewolf
• After 150 duel you can become a dragon
• Learn Tornado spells in a castle that can lift heavy objects in the air
• Learn Impact spells in the castle which can break things into parts

Wizard Duel Mod Apk (The three morphing features of the unlocked character)

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