Who Dies First Mod Apk (A lot of keys)

Who will die first in the story?
A completely new entertainment game, with funny stories, stupid stickman, stupid ways to die, and everyday stories that you can find in life, amazing physics affects - the physical destruction of domino games.
How to play Who Dies First- "Stupid Stickman: Dumb Ways To Die"
Watch the story and choose the person who will die first.
Guess the correct sequence, the number of keys will be multiplied by the correct number of guesses.
Make lots of keys to practice the story.

Who Dies First  "Stupid Stickman: Dumb Ways To Die" feature
With 2 different game modes and 100 exciting levels.
+ Stupid boy mode: Very fun with funny stories, love stories.
+ Domino mode: Super or with physical effects from domino games to destroy stickman. That is the extraordinary destruction of domino games.

Who Dies First Mod Apk (A lot of keys)

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