War in Pocket Mod Apk (Free summon in battle) + Obb

War in Pocket Mod Apk
War in Pocket Mod Apk War in Pocket is an action-packed MMO strategy game that allows you to build and enhance your base, bringing your troops to the global battlefield to wreak havoc on other players. Strategic control of the battlefield is achieved through the development of special units and abilities, smokescreens, bombings, and more.

Become the Ruler of the World by building and leading civilizations, discovering new technologies, dealing with some of the greatest leaders of history and building the most powerful empires the world has ever known.

- Play and chat with millions of Online Players from all over the world in 32 different languages ​​- all in real-time.
- Build strong alliances and engage with elite players on the amazing 3D world war map. Be part of the Global Alliance where you can make friends, collaborate with Alliance members & become a very powerful ruler.
✔ Real-Time STRATEGY
- Send your troops into battle to attack others or defend your base. Unleash strong arm and epic skills with tips. Support your soldiers by giving orders and supporting them by developing special attacks during battle.
- Train and lead 8 types of troops and 50 famous generals from World War 2 into action-packed battles. Level up and approach your Heroes, craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition.
- Upgrade buildings, walls & troops to strengthen your base.
- Layout, expand, experiment and improve your base to create enhanced defenses against attackers. Increase and adjust your troops as you collect loot in battle.
- Clash with formidable enemies to expand your territory and gather resources. Join & join forces with friends and burn your enemies. Attack & conquer Wonder to become King!

War in Pocket Mod Apk (Free summon in battle) + Obb

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