Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk

Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk
Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk The hero of a mysterious search and find the game is enslaved by ancient vampires. Help him to complete the sophisticated quest, set by blasé monsters to entertain himself. Solve the secrets of vampire castle, find a way out, overcome obstacles on your way to the holy place and collect powerful amulets to defeat Evil ...
360-degree colorful scenes, animations and visual effects will make your adventures more lively and fun. Those with a competitive streak can collect bonuses for speed and repeat the quest with new puzzles. This is one of the best hidden object adventure games that will train your brain and help you improve concentration.

Hidden object games are TOTALLY FREE, the whole adventure is open for you without additional purchases - it's entirely up to you to buy an optional tool.

Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure  features:
- Search for hidden items in a 360-degree panoramic view
- Look behind the object! Your hint might be hidden there.
- Build your collection. Explore the scene again to try new quests and get new prizes!
- Interesting settings, unexpected discoveries, and hidden artifacts are waiting for you!
- There is no time limit, but a bonus for speed. Play as you like, relax or challenge!

Prompt time is shortened to 4 seconds
The lower right corner prompts to zoom in and out.

Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk

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