Treasure Diving Mod Apk Money

Treasure Diving Mod Apk Rise up under the hold! We dive into challenging sea adventures!
Be Careful! You will find many obstacles on your way: greedy pirates and sweet-spoken sirens, bloodthirsty Kraken and cunning wizards.
You will see ancient cities and sunken galleons with a handle full of gold.
Pimp your submarine and depart on the way. Incredible adventures and the greatest discoveries are waiting for you.
Enjoy fantastic sea views, don't forget about the purpose of your trip: explore new locations, find a magic recipe book, collect all parts of the old map and save Captain Jack from the terrible curse.
Feel like a fearless explorer from the depths of the sea!
Treasure Diving Mod Apk

Treasure Diving features:
- More than 30 interesting expeditions to complete
- More than 100 unique artifacts to explore
- More than 25 different buildings to be built
- More than 50 exotic sea dwellers
- Awesome colorful graphics
- Varied gameplay experience
- Endless sandbox gameplay

Treasure Diving Mod Apk Money

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