Super Arcade Racing Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

Super Arcade Racing is a retro racing game inspired by super fun that gives you the pure experience of a real arcade game. Simple controls and lots of fun with a classic 2D top-down display, incredible pixel art, and iconic soundtrack, combined with interesting stories and more than 80 levels to play.

Prepare to enter the world of underground car racing, hoping to save your brother. This will be dangerous, but taking part in Super Arcade Racing underground will be your only chance to see your little brother again and solve the mystery behind the organization that kidnapped him.

You will have a car to be upgraded and personalized after each race, with new parts faster, having more grip and better control. You will meet dark enemies and cheat enemies. Defeat them and clear your way to final victory. Along the way, you might find something more about yourself.

The single-player mode has 60 levels to go through, with storylines running side by side and bosses that are tough to beat. And in accordance with the spirit of the arcade, try and find the secret level from the map!

Visit the garage to improve or modify your car. Your trusted uncle will help you with amendments to both cosmetics and performance improvements.

ADJUSTED: Unlimited car variations!
You have 1 car to run and it will be your most valuable ally. Make it better and make it unique. Make money for each race and spend your money on new exhausts, firmer brakes, better tires, and even more powerful engines. You will get better control of your car, more speed and your chances of winning will increase.
You can also choose the color of your car and change body parts for full personalization.

Get to know the track before challenging your opponents to be faster and better, save and equip your car as well as you can for that setting. The more you play, the better you will know your car: how it reacts to certain tracks and conditions, how it handles acceleration and drifting.
You will see your previous performance in the form of a ghost car during the race, to provide references and help you get better.

Drive on city streets, across the desert, and in the forest; different modes (circuits, challenges, and the chase to name a few), obstacles and some tracks hidden from the map. You have to race in the snow, in the rain and more.

Think of the cone and avoid oil on the road. Jump off ramps and find secret shortcuts and passageways.

Expect the unexpected. Race by race You will know a little more about the underground world than Super Arcade Racing, the dark organization that runs it and who (or what) is behind Martin's kidnapping.

You will not need special skills to drive, but you will get better the more you play. Tracks and circuits are simple and only 2 buttons to accelerate and brake, offering pure pleasure from real arcade games.

Super Arcade Racing will restore the magic of the 16-bit pixel graphics that we loved in the late 80s. Beautiful pixel illustrations and animations will give you the feeling of the nostalgic classic play.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the most beloved car racing films, TV series and video games from the 80s and 90s with an inspired soundtrack originally created for Super Arcade Racing that is played back on a special midi-tracker system.

Leadership Board
Each level has its own leaderboard and every leaderboard has a champion. Will you be the fastest?

10 levels specifically designed for online multiplayer racing. And many more to come with new updates. Show off your fully customizable car, make it unique and make it the best. Challenge players from all over the world to get the title of Super Arcade Racing.

Super Arcade Racing Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

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