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Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games v3.36.7 Mod Apk

Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games Mod Apk Sniper Assassin 3D: Free Game called "Fun Games For Free" is an action game designed by. Your main goal in the game is to kill all the bad guys. The game will be a bad person who will kill you and that man must be killed as a good shot for you.

Forget the shooting games you played before, in Sniper 3D you are a hitman in FPS action. Choose and adjust your shotgun and bullet, practice your skills against other snipers, online or offline. Blow up helicopters in 3D action, kill zombies, save hostages always with the best shots! It's all free in this fun mobile game!

- Ultra-realistic 3D graphics
The best FPS game that you will play on your mobile. From game action to weapons, you will see the 3D quality.
- Play on several funny battlegrounds
Shoot other assassins in the air from a helicopter, the top of a building, or chase a car.
- addictive FPS game
Easy and intuitive controls, test your skills in first-person shooting

and become the best marksman in town.
- Hundreds of missions in 3D
Are you ready for duty? Join the action, take a gun, and shoot. Snipers save state secrets from evil agents and spies. Sneak in so they don't see your bullets and free the hostages. Only the best marksman can kill the kingpin and end the rebellion.
- zombie time
Is your gun ready for action in shooting and killing zombies? Don't let FPS scare you when you see a zombie in sight. Can you free the world from zombies?
- Upgrade your weapon
Unlock incredible weapons and upgrade them to build the best arsenal. Buy all types of weapons: The best sniper and assault rifles, shotguns, or pistols with gems that you get in the game! Increase ammo, grip, and caliber to get bullets that make more damage. Has better range, coverage, stability and zoom so you don't miss a shot.
- Play online or offline
The best online and offline 3D shooting game. Practice to be the best marksman in offline missions, and when you are ready to face other players, the task is to call the exciting online world.
- PvP mode
Are the weapons ready? The best FPS shooting game also has a PvP mode, facing online action against players from all over the world, it's fun! Become the most famous hitman in the world!
- Disclaimer
Sniper 3D is a free game but contains adult content and optional in-app purchases with real money.


Endless money;
Some premium features are available;
Advertising is disabled;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
Infinite crystals ( you cannot buy weapons! );
1000 rounds in a clip ( turn off before PVP battle! );
Disable bullet spread;
High stability (the weapon does not swing while aiming);
Silent weapon;
Disable repeat kill (killcam).