Snake Hero: Xenzia Speed Battle Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS)

Create a legendary snake hero and dive into a fantasy RPG adventure on SNAKE HERO: Speed ​​Battle. Gather strong shields, bombs, ...; Compete in the league, complete quests. End this offline game quickly and become a war snake hero!

Battle lots of different snake fighting monsters with short weapons, bombs and large swords in this Snake Xenzia style game.
Speed ​​game with character creation!
◆ Many hero choices
◆ dynamic hero enhancement system
◆ Hundreds of powerful tool pieces & full character customization

Be a conscious warrior to guess the way the enemy will come then defeat them. After gathering each hero. They will be a long league as classic snakes, firing pistols, using archery and firebombs to kill monsters automatically. But you must move carefully because if the head of the guild soldier dies, your turn will be finished.

Loot, craft, improve, and make your friends jealous!
◆ Collect legendary booty and upgrade your Xenzia Snake battle hero
◆ Complete health, speed, shield, and summon another snake war hero whenever you need it
◆ Pass all maps, complete all quests to get many achievements

- 3 maps to play with 3 modes Easy, Hard, Very difficult
- 4+ heroes with special skills as a cowboy, witch, ...
- Collect super useful items when completing every turn
- Various assignments and awards
- Offline games do not need a network connection, cute games, you can play anywhere
- Manipulate one-touch battles easily

Snake Hero: Xenzia Speed Battle Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS)

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