Skull Towers – Castle Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coin/Diamond)

Skull Towers – Castle Defense Mod Apk
Skull Towers – Castle Defense Mod Apk Skull Towers is a castle defense game where you have to stop thousands of skeletons. Armed with magic bows and arrows you must destroy waves of enemies before they cross your line! The perfect mix of strategy games, fps games, and tower defense games. Are you the Sniper who will kill the vile skull warriors in this RPG sniper game?

An evil skeleton legion has invaded the world and your job as an eagle is to defend your fantasy kingdom, armed with powerful bows and arrows. Build slingshots, towers, and barricades, and clash against the army of darkness to become a hero among the archers of the world. The best bow and arrow game in medieval warfare filled with spells and summons.

Kill the hordes of Skull warriors and collect ectoplasms to erect towers and defenses every time a magic stone lights up: KATALUL, to throw fire at the enemy; BARRICADES, to block the attackers in their lane; BARRELS, to fire arrows and blow them up in the middle of a legion of skeletons; PLANTS OF POISONING, to hit the fighters and slaughter them slowly as they walk ...

There are various types of magic energy for use in warfare: LIGHTING, to defeat a target with armor or steel; FIRE, to burn light armor and blow up exploded barrels; ICE, to turn your victims into ice cubes and slow them down; TOXIC, only one drop and the victim will give up little by little on the effects of the poison; STUN, to shoot and make their heads spin and make them stunned; EXPLOSIVE, to send everything flying with a strong TNT head ... Use all with different types of arrows and do individual damage, fingers or a lot of damage.


Lots of skeleton warriors: magicians, knights, gladiators, paladins ... all with unique statistics and skills.
+24 challenging levels through various battlefields: cemeteries, swamps, ruins ...
Can you defeat Epic Bosses and save your kingdom?

From Bow Bow to Dragon Bow, complete all-powerful bows, each with special abilities.
Magic arrows, which allow you to shoot each projectile, area or several.
Enchanted charms, each with different types of magic to help you in battle.
Useful potions, to increase your stats during war or use them as grenades against enemies.
Different types of power: electricity, fire, ice, poison, stun, explosives ... use wisely to defeat all enemy soldiers.

Summon several towers and battle defense: slingshots, barricades, explosive barrels, poisonous plants ...
Kill the hordes of skeletons, collect ectoplasm, and increase your defensive strength and strength.
Upgrade and upgrade your equipment and items by completing the stages.

Find the Book of Darkness, the in-game encyclopedia with pictorial information from your tower, weapons, items, and enemies.
Open lots of chests and get amazing prizes to help you in battle.
+30 Achievements become living legends that solve everything!
Incredible 3D graphics in HD and an incredible Original Soundtrack compiled by Mateo Pascual, to make the game experience more epic!

Skull Towers – Castle Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coin/Diamond)

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