Sevens Story Mod Apk (Menu mod/ God mode/ DMG Multi 1 – 1000)

Sevens Story Mod Apk
Sevens Story Mod Apk
The tactical RPG from the legendary "Sevens story" is
Games for such "good" players "strengths,
Clothing a variety of beautiful new visual elements, it's back!

■ Story
Boy Alf and Rabyi meet a lost-minded Seputinya girl,
Causing the female hero Farumea, travel to the sleeping ruins of Maboroshi Alajuajuu.
Unimaginable in their beginners, is the beginning of a great adventure.

■ game features
In the intuitive operation of a unique and intelligent full-scale tactical battle!
Peace of mind even for beginners, you Chao Omakaseshi the following actions at the touch of a button when in doubt!
Various units in the fellow, organize the only party themselves.
It defeated a formidable enemy by making full use of personality and skills, tactics!
Customize special abilities in accessory replacement!
And advance the story, you can call MaboroshiAkirajuu who is very strong!

■ RPG But practicing !?
It can be harvested a big favorite food - Rabyi carrots in the "Garden"!
Rabyi if you eat carrot power-ups!
Toka also carrot Gem and special items can enter ...?

■ compare strength in the arena!
Grow your favorite units, other players and the seriousness of the game!
Raise the party's pride rating, try to get the title.

Sevens Story Mod Apk (Menu mod/ God mode/ DMG Multi 1 – 1000)

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