Sdorica -mirage- Mod Apk (x100 DAMAGE/x100 DEF)

As an Observer, how will you change this world ...
With more than 10 million downloads worldwide, Rayark has spent 4 years of hard work combining extraordinary storytellers, challenging visual and audio effects into an RPG.

Profound and Mind-Arising Manuscripts
Displayed with a fully animated and dynamic cutscene, all made by 2D animators. More than 60 unique characters allow you to experience an amazing and fascinating world.

Engaging the Battle Experience
With three types of characters create a support team, DPS, and tank. Each character is truly unique and complementary. With more than one hundred team combinations, find the team that suits you best!

Diverse Game Modes
Gameplay requires evolution! With Venture Mode, Exploration Mode, Adventure Mode, Multiplayer, and many others, many gameplay modes provide gamers with more exciting gaming experience.

World Famous Voice Actor
The most famous Japanese voice actor breathes a brilliant life into these characters and immerses you in the world. Experience all the fusion of destiny on the Vendacti continent!

Sdorica -mirage- Mod Apk (x100 DAMAGE/x100 DEF)

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