Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystals/Dust)

Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2 Mod Apk
Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2 Mod Apk This is a tower defense without a unique solution. This is a tower defense where you have to try and embrace new strategies. There is no spam splash tower from now on.
The concept is simple: You have a base tower and many (more than 60) modules to insert and modify tower performance. Maintaining the core of aliens, humanoids, and highly intelligent predators is not funny why this game is built so you have to adapt to each new level constantly. Luckily for you, you can build anything with our system. YOU can build towers that can get rid of poisons, freeze, confuse enemies, anesthetize, reverse them, weaken them. Want to fire lightning, laser, rocket, saw blade (YES you can make a sawing gun, how great is that?), Be my guest. You can go the other way and throw a bunch of modifiers that weaken your enemy so they are no scarier than a puppy. And what's more, you have to try it, this game was built so there is no ultimate strategy (op splash fire gun in every td in the world, what's up?). Every enemy is different, some have special abilities, so if you use all the defense strategies for your tower that won't work, you will fail violently. Uh-uh - not in this game buddy.
This is what happens when gamers (gamers actually aren't multi-billion giants who stopped caring for a hat maker ago) making games. We made an offline tower defense game that we will enjoy. We are NOT and we will never make payments for simple winners or imitators.

What I suggest that you play today is not fancy animation, no fresh new skins, raw and epic experiences to try various things and tower strategies and FAIL and try again and finally win. There is no internet community, there is no "get another skin for your tank for 9000 gems". Only men and experimenting. Want to play strong? Build a scary flamethrower. Want to play complicated? Build confusing defenses and play with enemies. Want to play wisely and be resourceful? Enter the economy module and get as much as you can from your nemeses.

Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2 Features:
• 30 levels
• Build and experiment with towers to master defenses
• Each level is a challenge because each level is different in its own way, lots of different mechanics and gameplay change across levels and planets
• A large number of modular elements that can give your tower
• Unique additional defense effects such as income or sparks or critical attacks.
• Experiment your way to find combo modules that develop how your tower works
• The enemy has their own strength and the ace of their sleeves, they won't be watching patiently on your defense tower. The game has many types of enemies that can weaken, knock out, sneak through your defenses to make your tower difficult.
• Element - increase damage to your tower
• Improve, craft, and explore, you will be given a lot of resources - use it with purpose
• 3 different skills that can give you other ways to adjust your defenses
• Beautiful graphics and climate settings
• Easter achievements and eggs.

Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystals/Dust)

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